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Zelo’s Frog..

I know it is pretty old, but so funny XD

Hyungs, how could you do that to the pure, innocent maknae ?  xD

♥ Poor Zelo ♥


Zelo’s Letter to his Parents

Omo, this made me cry so hard TT___TT poor Zelo baby don’t cry please~


Mom, Dad, do you remember? That time when I was in 5th grade, I walked round-trip for four hours from Mokpo to Gwangju to go to a place where I can feed my passion to learn music. Joon Hong fulfilled his dream of becoming a singer and stood in front of mom, dad, and hyung with the new name of B.A.P’s Zelo. Mom, Dad, I will respect you even more from now on. As 18 year-old Choi Joon Hong with the name B.A.P’s Zelo will become a really kind son to be proud of.”

credits: Allkpop

Cute Zelo Selca~ :D

I found a really amazing selca of Zelo~ ^^

zelo beautiful


Taken from his Instagram ~

He is such a CUTIE and so HANDSOME

REVIEW: B.A.P – Rain Sound

B.A.P – Rain Sound


Again a review of a B.A.P song~

*Sorry , I love this group so much*

The MV for Rain Sound, is just beautiful.

It is so amazing, they take my breath away, and I am listening to this

song the wole time.

I think B.A.P make my life just better, no music no life.

Rain Sound has a romantic, sad melody and it is not that kind of song I

expected from B.A.P :D

It is a true masterpiece, and the ending is so sad ;_____;

TS knows how to shoot their idols D:

It is so hard, to see them cry T___T

Especially Zelo, our little baby *I call him baby, even I am younger than him, lol xD*

And the members look beautiful, all of them.

One of the groups, I really love all the members.

They are just so asdfghjkl    Stop fangirling.

Enough said xD

B.A.P Weekly Idol

B.A.P Weekly Idol

This Episode of Weekly Idol is very funny.

I really missed Himchan here, but like I said before he’s getting better.

When one of the MCs compared Yongguk to Bart Simpson I bursted out

into laughters xD That was way too hilarious.

And Zelo this shy guy, he was so adorable and its so cute that they

always call him baby. *same thing in the first show with B.A.P*

But then he hit one of his hyungs and even this was cute.

19:49, I laughed so hard, Jonguppie ~

I don’t know what to say anymore, you HAVE to watch it xD

This episode with B.A.P really made my day ♥

They are my favorite group ever~

REVIEW: B.A.P – One Shot

B.A.P – One Shot

Its easily to see that I am an absolute B.A.P lover Baby~

Definetly the best Rookie Idol Group ever.

And I have waited so long for One Shot to come out ♡

This MV is the best they have made so far  and I think also its the

best Music Video in the whole K-Pop Industry.

I love the beginning when Yongguk raps with his deep, unique

voice. The special thing I love about it is that it sounds harsh

and agrresive, typically for B.A.P.

Not to mention Daehyun’s powerful voice.

* I am so glad that he became Main Vocalist *

In my opinion, Youngjae’s voice is softer and he sings the chorus

along with his hyung.

Also epic: Zelo’s awesome scorpion dance.

Omo, I admire this boy so much, he is simply amazing.

Himchan’s voice is deep as well and I think its really

cool that he always sings the second part after Yongguk usually

begins to rap. *Mom and Dad Love forever*

And now let’s say something about B.A.Ps main dancer Jongup.

* I watched the dance practise, and he and Zelo were sooo cute *

At first you may think the perfomance isn’t “that” difficult,

but try out and you will see.. * know what I mean ? lol *

Every time I watch this MV I burst out in tears.. seriously.

So hard for me, to see my favorite Idols die ;__;

And I really love it has two alternative endings and three

different songs in it, Punch *at the Begining*, Coma *when they have to steal

money for Youngjae* and main song One Shot.

And I really hope it reaches 4 million views til Yongguk’s Birthday

on March March 31.

* C’mon Babies , we can do that  *

I can’t describe my love for B.A.P, I just can’t find words for them ;-;

 They are too amazing and I can’t wait to hear something new from them.

 Note: Himchan will be able to perform on B.A.P Live on Earth in Japan,

he’s getting better :D

B.A.P To Hold First Concert In Japan

I know, pretty *old* news, but I wanted to post it here.


TS Entertainment announced that on May 24, B.A.P will be holding it’s first exclusive concert in Japan, B.A.P Live on Earth Japan at the Pacifico Yokohama National University Hall, which holds fivty thousand seats.

The concert homepage went live on March 7.

So, good luck in Japan B.A.P Babies and keep hwaiting !