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Reita & Ruki “tongue twisters” 22th February 2013

The funniest tonque twistersxDDDD


Ruki @Twitter

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Ruki’s sooo cute:DDD

the GazettE World Tour 13


Tour dates:

9/6  Jose Cuervo Salon@Mexico City(MEXICO)
9/8  Teatro Caupolican@Santiago(CHILE)
9/11 Teatro Vorterix@Buenos Aires(ARGENTINA)
9/14 A Seringueira@Sao Paulo(BRAZIL)
9/20 Le Trianon@Paris(FRANCE)
9/22 Le Phare@Toulouse(FRANCE)
9/25 FZW@Dortmund(GERMANY)
9/27 Muffathalle@Munich(GERMANY)
9/29 The Circus@Helsinki(FINLAND)

Holy….. I cried so much!!! Maybe I can go to Munich :DDDD