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J-Rock song of the week: Screw – teardrop

Teardrop is so beautiful:3 I love the clothes and the idea with this woman. It’s a soft song and Byou’s voice is perfect for it. The fake snow is so coolxD an the last scene with one tear of this girl … Omg*__*


J-Rock song of the week: Mejibray – kore wo izon to yobu nara

I’m soo much in love with this. The song is very soft (not like other songs from Mejibray xD), but the lyrics omg!*__* beautiful and sad at the same time. Kore wo izon to yobu nara (english: if that is what is called dependency). I love his loud voice in the middle of the song. Please listen to it and read the translation;)

K-Pop Song of the Week: B1A4 – Baby Goodnight

B1A4 – Baby Goodnight

Baby Good Night, first K-Pop Song of the Week

This song is freakin cute, even with a cute meaning.

Especially the *dancing in the moonlight* phrase.

And all the members look absolutely adorable *-*

The chorus is catchy and dance performance is simple but cute :D

Who could resist Sandeul’s Duckface ?

J-Rock song of the week: Alice Nine – Daybreak

Alice Nine- Daybreak
I fell in love with this song. Nao’s drum is very awesome! It’s a very soft song but Shou’s beautiful voice is sometimes very strong. The guitar solo is perfect in my opinion. The location of the Pv is very pretty, I wanna know where this is:3. They did a great job and the release is next month I think. So if you don’t saw the full version please wait for it! Hope you like it too:D