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REVIEW: Adams – ボクノセイ (bokunosei)

Wow~ I’m very speechless…. This song is so beautiful and sad.

It’s the first time I saw the band & the PV.

It’s about a homosexual love I think and one of them is dead. I don’t make a spoiler, please watch it:)

A very touching song♥


REVIEW: D.I.D – the Point of No Return

Oh my God!!! I never listen before to this band…why?:O

They are sooo awesome!!!

The sound is at the beginning a little bit electronic, but in a good way:D I like Akane’s special voice*-*

Please check it out!:D

Review: vistlip – CHIMERA

First the link:D :

I’m in love with this:D

The clip is soo cute with all this flowers:33

The sound is very good, and I like Umi and Tomo’s voice in this!

Yuuh’s hair*-* and I always looked at Tomo’s fingers… they are beautiful:D  (like girl fingers with this nail polishxD)

This girl in this clip… I think I don’t understand… she searched a flower? right?XD The background with the stones is just beautiful*-* I think it has nothing to do with the band…

Hope you like it too:D


REVIEW: Kiryu – Etsu to utsu

Kiryu – Etsu to utsu / 己龍「悦ト鬱」

so… this is the first song I really like Mahiro’s voice..O.o I’m sorry for all Kiryu-fans. I like Kiryu.. but I don’t like his voice. Except in this song. I am so a big fan of this song, that I learned this dance tooxD It has many various parts and I like that. The clothes are awesome! And the MV is cool, but who had the idea with the lesbian girls and the two samurais?xD… seriously.O.o

and one of the best points: HD – Video!!:D

Etsu to Utsu

REVIEW: Kameleo – Sandwich Love

Kameleo – Sandwich Love


A story of a girl, who love her boyfriend, but he don’t kiss her and she thinks he don’t like her. Later, she meets another man and sleep with him. She must decide which man.

So.. Okay I’m a big fan of this band. The sound is very positive. The girl sings sometimes with Hikaru and I like that:D

This story is so funny, but I don’t understand the endxD Anyway, it’s a good work and it has English subtitels:D

(Do you think that girl is ugly to?xD)


REVIEW: Mejibray – Die Kusse

Mejibray – Die Kusse


I’m not sure… Die Kusse or Die Küsse (the song is German and the original word of this is die Küsse xD)

So first: I’m not *that* hardcore Metal fan…, but I really like this songO.o :D

The clothes are amazing, but I liked Meto’s “old” style more. Tsuzuku’s “eins zwei drei vier” (in English one two three four) is so funnyxD I like the voice of the girl at the beginning, I think it’s a very good idea.

The negative point in my opinion is: Tsuzuku’s screams are too many…

I like the kiss at the end of the PV xD


REVIEW: One Ok Rock – be the light

One Ok Rock – be the light


So my first Review here:D

I love this PV! One of the best PV’s I ever seen. The idea with the TV’s and the member in the background is soooo amazing! The song ist good, but all is in English.. this is the negative point for me. I think it’s better half Japanese half English. I like the high part “returns to light”. Taka’s voice is beautiful in this and the songtext is sad, but I like it very much! So, the PV is better than the song in my opinion.