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hoya and dongwoo

I love the Infinite H Style , especially Dongwoo *___*

He is just too beautiful, and he is also one of my Infinite Bias.

I love the dance performance of this song and the chorus is catchy.

I also love the clothes *Dongwoo looks too good in it*

and the MV is.. a little bit funny ? ^^

And cute of course. Did I mention before that Dongwoo has an

adorable sweet smile ? :D  and he looks so amazing with pink hair, omg *-*


List of cool K-POP Remixes

K-Pop Remixes


I am not the biggest fan of remixes, but I found some good ones on Youtube~ :D

Just let me introduce them to you~

1. This is war x Before the Dawn *MBLAQ – Infinite*


infinite btd

I really have to say, This is War and BTD are one of my favorite songs

and This is War is even my favorite song by MBLAQ.

It is hard to choose which one I prefer.

And its amazing to hear these two songs together *O*

both really sad and with a great meaning.

The thing I don’t like about this mashup, is that I think This is War

is too low, it should be normal fast *for my taste* >.>

And the thing I like is that I think these songs really fit  together.

2. Doradora x Mr. Simple *U-KISS – Super Junior*

This is a good remix and the songs really sound cool together.

I am not an ELF yet but I am a Kissme, so I have to say I prefer Doradora.

So, in my opinion U-Kiss are better and they have more different songs than SuJu~

I also like Super Junior *especially Super Girl, Sorry Sorry*.

Actually I enjoy to see both MVs in one video, really good work ~ and it fits perfect together.


Omo, this is just soooo….~~~

The members of both groups are beautiful, and their debut songs are just WOW.

Both are very talented and powerful rookies.

The best part of this remix is Zelo’s speed rap featuring the dancing of NU’EST.

And also the chorus of Face and how it get mixed with this deep Waaarriorr~

There are a lot of Warrior remixes and this is definetly one of my favorites :D

4. Nillili Mambo x Warrior *Block B – B.A.P*

bap power

I am really fan of Block B.A.P *________*

And this mashup is AMAZING, even Warrior is instrumental.

What to say ?

Just great, I love it~

REVIEW: Teen Top – Miss Right

Teen Top – Miss Right

TEEN TOP’s Miss Right just makes me happy.

The MV is hilarious and the dance is so cute, like always.

I have to say, Teen Top is one of these groups, I really love all their dance performances.

For example in To You or Supa Luv.

It makes me really sad, that I could not go to their concert when

they were in Germany >.<

* I really wanted to T^T *

I really enjoy Teen Top’s fresh, international sound and they

look so awesome here~ *Especially C.A.P, he really surprised me*

There are already “Man in Love vs. Miss Right” Topics

*just saw one on the AKP forums*

And I really have to say MISS RIGHT wins for me :D

Just my opinion, because I think Miss Right is a little bit more catchy ^_^

No way, I love Infinite too *just look at my Reviews* but like I

said Teen Top wins this time.

REVIEW: Infinite – Man in Love

INFINITE – Man in Love

Now it’s official,- I’m in Love with INFINITE. ♥

They never stop to amaze me.

Stop being so amazing please T^T !

Man in Love  is a song with a happy melody and a sweet MV.

Just like Infinite.

This MV is a little bit similar to Nothing’s Over etc.

And this little kitty is sooo cute (but Sungjong is cuter), nearly adorable as the members :3

I’m sure Inspirits (like me) won’t be disappointed :D

Great work, Infinite !

And here some Screenshots~ ♥

l teaser

INFINITE Takes Over Album and Online Music Charts with New Album


INFINITE managed to top charts yet again with its new mini album New Challenge.

According to Hanteo Charts on March  25, Infinite’s New Challenge rose to the top of the album chart as soon as it was released.

The album’s promotional single Man in Love also covered the online bases as it topped various online music charts with its release on March  21.



Source: K-Pop Stars


Curious ? Check out the Link below to listen to the full New Challenge album !