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Reita & Ruki “tongue twisters” 22th February 2013

The funniest tonque twistersxDDDD


Cute Hiroto


He’s sooo cute*-*

Ruki @Twitter

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Ruki’s sooo cute:DDD

Cute Chobi (DIV) gif

tumblr_mk8ut5wiUT1s3o32jo1_400 tumblr_mk8ut5wiUT1s3o32jo2_250 tumblr_mk8ut5wiUT1s3o32jo3_250

aaaw~ I found this cute gifs from Chobi of the band DIV (ex- xTRiPx). I wanna hug him:D

moew~ xD


Poor Hikaru (D=OUT)

In the new D=OUT no Noraneko TV Show, Hikaru wore a very weird make upxD I think he lost a game, but I didn’t saw the show… I hope someone upload it. The other bandmembers can’t stop laughing (especially IbukixD)

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