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Kameleo [Album Details] Now!

1- 始まりの歌 (Hajimari no uta)
2- 美容整形 (Biyou seikei)
3- サンドウィッチLOVE (Sandwich LOVE)
4- ウェディングメール (Wedding Mail)
5- 君となう。(Kimi to NOW)
6- 検索結果0 (Kensaku kekka 0)
7- 戦え、己と!(Tatakae, onore to!)
8- 捏造ピエロ (Netsuzou Pierrot)
9- 心から心へ (Kokoro kara kokoro e)
10- 別にタイトルは無いや(照) (Betsu ni TITLE wa nai ya (teru))
11- ↑アゲていこう歌↑ (Ageteikou uta)

INFINITE Takes Over Album and Online Music Charts with New Album


INFINITE managed to top charts yet again with its new mini album New Challenge.

According to Hanteo Charts on March  25, Infinite’s New Challenge rose to the top of the album chart as soon as it was released.

The album’s promotional single Man in Love also covered the online bases as it topped various online music charts with its release on March  21.



Source: K-Pop Stars


Curious ? Check out the Link below to listen to the full New Challenge album !