J-Rock song of the week: Alice Nine – Daybreak

Alice Nine- Daybreak
I fell in love with this song. Nao’s drum is very awesome! It’s a very soft song but Shou’s beautiful voice is sometimes very strong. The guitar solo is perfect in my opinion. The location of the Pv is very pretty, I wanna know where this is:3. They did a great job and the release is next month I think. So if you don’t saw the full version please wait for it! Hope you like it too:D



INFINITE Takes Over Album and Online Music Charts with New Album


INFINITE managed to top charts yet again with its new mini album New Challenge.

According to Hanteo Charts on March  25, Infinite’s New Challenge rose to the top of the album chart as soon as it was released.

The album’s promotional single Man in Love also covered the online bases as it topped various online music charts with its release on March  21.



Source: K-Pop Stars


Curious ? Check out the Link below to listen to the full New Challenge album !



B.A.P To Hold First Concert In Japan

I know, pretty *old* news, but I wanted to post it here.


TS Entertainment announced that on May 24, B.A.P will be holding it’s first exclusive concert in Japan, B.A.P Live on Earth Japan at the Pacifico Yokohama National University Hall, which holds fivty thousand seats.

The concert homepage went live on March 7.

So, good luck in Japan B.A.P Babies and keep hwaiting !

Poor Hikaru (D=OUT)

In the new D=OUT no Noraneko TV Show, Hikaru wore a very weird make upxD I think he lost a game, but I didn’t saw the show… I hope someone upload it. The other bandmembers can’t stop laughing (especially IbukixD)

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Alice Nine new look and new single [SHADOWPLAY]


Alice Nine new single [SHADOWPLAY] release on April 17,2013


I think they don’t change their style very much. I love the design of Shadowplay*-*


First Post

Oh Hai There :D




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