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Today’s Luhannie’s Bdae <33 ♥



Today’s Himchannie’s Birthday ♥♪♥♫♥ We love you <33

REVIEW: M.I.B – Nod Along


After a long time, a new K-Pop Review.

I fell in love with M.I.B after I listened to ‘Only Hard for me’ but Nod Along

is an amazing song too.

I like the refrain and rapping.

It’s hard for me to find words for them <3

They’re just great and I hope they will get more attention.

Btw, it’s not fair to be so good looking, Kangnam !! ^__^

K-Pop Song of the Week: BOYFRIEND – Janus

Boyfriend – Janus

First of all, I think the members look really pretty and special in this MV.

And I love the twins :D *I prefer Youngmin a little bit* Also Jeongmin *-*

I like the chorus, but I dont think its “that” catchy ^^

I prefer it when they sing the other parts .

But at least its a good song, and I love listening to it :DD



hoya and dongwoo

I love the Infinite H Style , especially Dongwoo *___*

He is just too beautiful, and he is also one of my Infinite Bias.

I love the dance performance of this song and the chorus is catchy.

I also love the clothes *Dongwoo looks too good in it*

and the MV is.. a little bit funny ? ^^

And cute of course. Did I mention before that Dongwoo has an

adorable sweet smile ? :D  and he looks so amazing with pink hair, omg *-*

Zelo’s Frog..

I know it is pretty old, but so funny XD

Hyungs, how could you do that to the pure, innocent maknae ?  xD

♥ Poor Zelo ♥

Zelo’s Letter to his Parents

Omo, this made me cry so hard TT___TT poor Zelo baby don’t cry please~


Mom, Dad, do you remember? That time when I was in 5th grade, I walked round-trip for four hours from Mokpo to Gwangju to go to a place where I can feed my passion to learn music. Joon Hong fulfilled his dream of becoming a singer and stood in front of mom, dad, and hyung with the new name of B.A.P’s Zelo. Mom, Dad, I will respect you even more from now on. As 18 year-old Choi Joon Hong with the name B.A.P’s Zelo will become a really kind son to be proud of.”

credits: Allkpop