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Ruki @Twitter

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Ruki’s sooo cute:DDD


Luhan’s and Baekyun’s new blonde hair

Luhannie’s and Bacon’s new hairstyle :D


He looks gorgeous as always ^___^ Luhan looks good with any haircolor ♥


I think he looks better with his dark hair C:  but blonde looks okay on him, anyways he Baekhyun is cute ^o^

Cute Zelo Selca~ :D

I found a really amazing selca of Zelo~ ^^

zelo beautiful


Taken from his Instagram ~

He is such a CUTIE and so HANDSOME


Today is Yongguk Oppa’s Birthday ♥

Happy Birthday to our Leader ♥

You are the best Leader ever~ :D


EXO are fans of B.A.P and B.A.P are fans of EXO

EXO are fans of B.A.P and B.A.P are fans of EXO

bap cute

Aaaw, this is so cute, Exo and B.A.P debuted in the same year, but they are not

rivals at all, and it is no secret that Exo listen to B.A.P :D

So cute, Sehun and Kai seem to like Warrior :DD

And Lay , why so serious ? xD

Here you see Himchannie dancing to EXO debut song MAMA~

Aaaw, and Baekhyun was like “Woha~ That was pretty cool”

I think this is one of the cutest B.A.P ~ EXO moments :D

Chanyeol dancing to B.A.P Power and Kris` epic Face, when He asks what the hell

Chanyeol is doing xD

ViViD new look












Hell yeah Ko-ki with pink hair again♥_♥

I really love Shin, Ryoga and Ko-ki’s look:D but the other looked also better than before:DD

Seventeen to Debut this summer

Seventeen to Debut this summer

When I first heared, that Pledis announced that there will debuting a new boygroup

this June I was like that:

bap party hard

Because I really love their first boygroup NU’EST *such a talented group*

Then I saw few of the eventual members, and I really like some of them.

Especially Mingming, Junhui and Doyoon who also plays the main role in NU’EST’s Face MV *as the bullied student*.

And thanks god, I am a little bit younger than them.

So, I was like this:

himchan fangirl gif

This is Yao Ming Ming:

He is chinese, and sooo cute *O*

Then we have Wen Junhui:

Pretty boy too ^^, just want to say that He is older than our adorable Zelo baby~

And Jang Do Yoon:

He is really cool in the Face MV :D

But then, I read that one of the members is only eleven years old.


Only eleven O__o omo, I am a noona now :O isn’t he a little bit too young.. ?

 I don’t know, so let’s wait for their first performance xD

Samuel is his name and he is not the only one who is younger than me xD

Second youngest is a guy who is born in 1999.

Watch the video below~:

I think most of these boys are very pretty ^^

There are not all members in this vid ~~

So I am excited, and I really hope this will be a good group *like NU’EST*

even I’m not sure yet~